The Rousset Family

There’s a remarkable piece of paradise off the east coast of Africa: A centuries-old family estate on the magnificent island of Mauritius. Framed by spectacular sugar cane fields, the estate dates back to 1774 and boasts a beautiful old château and breathtaking orchards. There, in a home surrounded by centenary mango and palm trees, is where you’ll find the Rousset family.

“The story of Idun is about more than a passion for winemaking and a journey of discovering the Elgin Valley. Idun is inextricably woven into the story of our family,” says founder Albert Rousset.

Idun Wines was born when the family travelled to the southwest coast of South Africa to scout out a special needs school for their son Leo. On their visit, they passed through the fruitful Elgin Valley, which is as famous for its outstanding wines as it is for its delicious apples. The Rousset family was captivated by the quality and potential of South African wines, and local winemaker Paul Wallace inspired them to embark on a journey in pursuit of creating truly exceptional wines that embody their journey as a family.

The name Idun came naturally, as she is the Norse goddess of eternal life, fertility and apples. Idun brings the hope of new beginnings and the chance to create something to cherish today and for generations to come.

About Us

Born a while ago, Albert Rousset spent his professional life on the creative side of the garb industry.


He grew up in a family of dreamers and gourmets. He was intensively exposed to the gastronomic sphere during his numerous global travels where wine remained the precedence.


During a family trip to South Africa with his wife Joanne and his four children, the dreamer discovered and fell in love with the Elgin Valley. He decided to make his own wine, IDUN.


Inspired by the land of apples and wine, IDUN was born. She is the Norse goddess of fertility, eternal life and apples. IDUN captures a particular style of South Africa’s wine, one that is elegant, sexy, authentic and friendly.