L’Intemporelle Cap Classique

Beautiful light/bright gold in colour with a fine mousse. An explosion of golden delicious apples, lime, caramel ,vanilla spice and hints of nuts and biscuits. Clean and fresh with firm acid, crispy and lingering. Loaded with mousse on the pallet flavoured with apples and light yeasty flavour. A true Elgin Cap Classique.”
Wo Elgin
Btl 2,540
alc 12.38
rs 7.6
pH 3.28
ta 8.0
Grapes are hand-picked early in the morning to ensure optimal freshness. The bunches are pressed whole and only the cuvee is used to make the base wine. After the alcoholic fermentation, the wines are bottled and yeast introduced for a second fermentation. The bottles ferment and mature horizontally in a cool dark cellar for a minimum of 30 months. It is then riddled and disgorged and a light dosage is added. It is left for a further 30 days to mature on the cork to allow integration and balance.

About Us

Born a while ago, Albert Rousset spent his professional life on the creative side of the garb industry.


He grew up in a family of dreamers and gourmets. He was intensively exposed to the gastronomic sphere during his numerous global travels where wine remained the precedence.


During a family trip to South Africa with his wife Joanne and his four children, the dreamer discovered and fell in love with the Elgin Valley. He decided to make his own wine, IDUN.


Inspired by the land of apples and wine, IDUN was born. She is the Norse goddess of fertility, eternal life and apples. IDUN captures a particular style of South Africa’s wine, one that is elegant, sexy, authentic and friendly.