Meet Our Mythical Muse

While Scandinavia is synonymous with Vikings and their exploits, its mythological world is equally fascinating. There are nine realms and scores of gods and goddesses in Norse myths, but also many other fantastical creatures such as dwarfs, giants and enchanted animals. The goddess Idun is one of the most prominent figures and she plays a very important role, since she is tasked with feeding the gods and goddesses magical golden apples that keep them young.


Idun’s special fruit reminds us of our spiritual home in the fertile Elgin Valley and her restorative powers inspire us on our journey to a personal renaissance. Quite fittingly, she is also married to the god Bragi, who represents poetry and eloquence. It’s a match that echoes the perfect union between new possibilities and the age-old poetry of fine winemaking.


When we find ourselves at one of life’s crossroads; when it’s time to make an important decision or set our sights on a new direction, we look for wisdom and inspiration. We have chosen Idun to lead us on our journey. As the goddess of fertility, eternal life and apples, she embodies everything we hope for: A personal renaissance and a life lived to the full.


About Us

Born a while ago, Albert Rousset spent his professional life on the creative side of the garb industry.


He grew up in a family of dreamers and gourmets. He was intensively exposed to the gastronomic sphere during his numerous global travels where wine remained the precedence.


During a family trip to South Africa with his wife Joanne and his four children, the dreamer discovered and fell in love with the Elgin Valley. He decided to make his own wine, IDUN.


Inspired by the land of apples and wine, IDUN was born. She is the Norse goddess of fertility, eternal life and apples. IDUN captures a particular style of South Africa’s wine, one that is elegant, sexy, authentic and friendly.